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Ativan is approved for treatment of anxiety disorders. It can be used for getting provisional respite from anxiety that is often linked with the depression. However Ativan should only be used temporarily because it is not suitable for regular anxiety treatment. Other uses of Ativan include being used for the uptight legs syndrome as well as alcohol withdrawal. Ativan belongs to benzodiazepines family. It is also however important to note what exactly the anxiety disorders are. Anxiety is basically a situation where people may suffer from irresistible fear. The feeling may eventfully become worse and grow.

Anxiety Symptoms


Some of the common anxiety symptoms include:
– Feeling of fear, tension and apprehension
– Feeling of shakiness, jitteriness and nervousness
– Feeling of keeping away from certain activities or places because of fear
– Pounding heartbeat
– Knot formation in stomach
– Sweating and unjustified trembling
– Fear of being crazy
– Forming lumps in throat
Anxiety can be treated using two kinds of treatments and these include psychotherapy such as talk therapy and secondly, anxiety medicines such as Ativan.


Different Ativan uses


Ativan can be used for a lot of purposes but its commonly found uses include:
– Better and longer sleep
– Reduced anxiety
– Relaxation of muscles
– Seizures stoppage
– Impairment of temporary memory

How does Ativan work?


Ativan works by having better effects of an acid called aminobutyric acid. Children less than 12 years should not be given this medicine. Any confusion regarding uses, side effects and benefits of Ativan should be discussed with the doctor. Ativan ingredients are definitely unsafe for the children and therefore should be avoided in them completely.


Other Ativan purposes


Ativan is mainly used for the treatment of anxiety disorders. But there are various other purposes which are served by this drug. These include:
– Treatment of alcohol withdrawal
– Treatment of agitation
– Treatment of insomnia
– Sedative effects for patients on ventilators
– Prevention of seizures
– Treatment of restless or twitchy leg syndrome
– Treatment of myoclonus
– Treatment of spastic illness as well as muscle spasms such as the ones which are found in people who suffer from cerebral palsy
But most of all, its use can be seen for treatment of anxiety. People having anxiety disorders should immediately consult with the physician to know about Ativan. This medicine has been researched for several years and therefore there is absolutely nothing that you should worry about.

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Ativan is approved for treatment of anxiety disorders. It can be used for getting provisional respite from anxiety that is often linked with the depression



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